I love watching movies, ever since I was a little kid. Afterwards I would lay in bed and think about what I had just seen. Often I would fantasize about the story I just seen. Making my own alternative ending or change some aspects of the film so it would be perfect in my eyes. The next day I would gush about my version to my parents. They often already forgot the storyline and were just carrying on with their daily activities. Now when I watch a movie, I still find myself occupied with the narrative and how it could be better. This blog is going to be filled with my thoughts on some films. I’m sorry in advance for the language errors, English is not my first language. A warning, if you haven’t seen the film, don’t read my take on it. It will be kind of a movie review but with a lot of spoilers because of the opinions I like to give. I think it’s going to be a once in a week thing. Maybe I will announce what film I’m going to watch next so we can watch it and discuss it together afterwards. Film suggestions are welcome. Let’s see if this idea takes off..

Please, feel free to join the discussion!


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